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Types of cushion covers we are able to make in the fabric of your choice. There is also a selection of our cushions for sale on our Etsy link.


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Knife edge is the most common type of scatter cushion available in the market. The cover of such a cushion is a two piece fabric which is sewn all around the edges. The shapes of such cushions can be square, rectangle, round or they can also be made into a lumbar cushion to give more variety.

cushion 3 - piped edge.png

Piped - The piped scatter cushion gives the opportunity to make cushion covers look more versatile, durable and stylish. The piping can either go with the colour tone of the fabric or it can also be in some contrast. If the piping used is as the same colour and type of the fabric, then that will be known as a ‘self-piped’ scatter cushion.

cushion 4 - box edge with piping.png

Box cushion - Box cushion just as the name suggests gives the visual looks of a box. It has flat and broader sides that look more like a square shape gift box. They are very commonly used on sofa, couches and recliners as back cushions.

cushion 1 - flange.png

Flange is the type of scatter cushion which comes with a flat band of fabric around the edges of the cushion. It gives the flexibility to go for a combination of different fabric or choose one particular type of fabric.

cushion 5 - bolster.png

The bolster cushion comes in a cylindrical shape and are used in a variety of different settings at home for interior décor. The sizes can vary enormously in this type and the bolster cushion covers may or may not have flat sides as well. The fabric of this amazing type of scatter cushion is gathered at the side ends and tied with a ribbon. The short size bolster cushions are usually preferred for couches and sofas and are also sometimes referred as the ‘neck rolls’.

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We can create patchwork cushions using items of clothing or fabrics that are special to you

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